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Copenhagen in a Song

This song is the culmination of the songs people said represented Copenhagen to them.  They have been merged and altered in Audacity to give listeners an auditory experience of the city and the different vibes and effects it resonates. Original Artists and Songs: theKidzFun –  Bicycle Ride on Road with Bell Sound Effect Danny Kaye (from…

More About This Project

The intent of this project was to better understand the city of Copenhagen through extensive research and then present that information through an array of digital projects onto my subdomain. I chose to focus on the cultural and environmentally sustainable aspects of Copenhagen and sometimes by extension Denmark. Design-wise I tried to keep the website…

The Round Tower / Rundetaarn

Browsing through Denmark a Social Laboratory, I found another familiar site: the Round Tower/ Rundetaarn.  An iconic landmark, it also happened to be situated down the street from where I lived while studying abroad.  Pictured above are the 1939 picture, me on the street in front of the Round Tower, an up close view of the…

Why Copenhagen?

The words above emphasize areas and concepts I have come across while deciding what to focus on.  There are a lot of interesting cultural aspects including some that have more recently appeared in international headlines like hygge with Denmark’s semi-recent acclaim as the Happiest country and Nordic cuisine with the rise of Noma.

About the Survey

The scope of this survey was limited to my friends and friends of friends that I was able to access via Facebook and that were willing to participate. The survey responses were submitted completely anonymously as to allow participants the freedom to more truthfully answer questions without having to worry about me or others judging…

Copenhagen in a Word

I sent out a Survey asking people to identify the first word(s) that came to mind when thinking about the city of Copenhagen.  Their responses make up the word cloud to the left.  Looking leftwards, the size of the words corresponds with the number of times they were mentioned.  Looking at the sizing, we can…

How Copenhagen has Changed

Several months ago I came across an old book in my university library Denmark a Social Laboratory by Peter Manniche.  It was from 1939, the year WWII started.  It was weird to look at the pictures and think about how different everything is from now.  Drawling from the pictures of the day and from today, some…