About the Researcher:

I’m a Senior pursuing a BA in Geography with an interest on Sustainable Development and the Urban Form.  This project has been a culmination of several of my interests over these last couple of years and it aspires to better understand the complexities of social, environmental and economic sustainability in the context of Denmark as viewed through the lens of on outsider.

Why Copenhagen?

Copenhagen or København is a city that is world renowned for its sustainability initiatives as well as its overall quality of life.  For these reasons, Copenhagen is a model city to study innovations in the subjects of environmental and social sustainability. This analysis will draw on a variety of sources on the subject, as well as my own experience studying there in the Spring of 2017, all with the intention of better understanding the problems and solutions offered by this city.

Why didn’t I offer an overview of Danish Culture?

Before going to Denmark I read a lot about the culture so I would know what to expect. It was mostly wrong.  Why? My experience points to the very nature of culture, its ever changing ways, that its subjective, and personal.  We cannot expect a book or podcast to accurately tell us what we are going to experience and feel when we are there. Additionally, the city can vastly differ from other areas of the country and to assume otherwise would be a mistake.

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