©Marion Punches modified from original; Manniche, Peter. Denmark a Social Laboratory. G. E. C GAD Publisher and Oxford UP., 1939

©Marion Punches modified; given permission from original © Carrie Punches

Several months ago I came across an old book in my university library Denmark a Social Laboratory by Peter Manniche.  It was from 1939, the year WWII started.  It was weird to look at the pictures and think about how different everything is from now.  Drawling from the pictures of the day and from today, some interesting parallels can be made such as the subtle presence of vehicles in the background and the people riding seem to all be young to middle aged.  There are also a few noticeable differences like the clothing, the bus present in the modern picture, a few people wearing helmets and the traffic lights that hint at potential changes in the city, technology, and society that have come about since 1939.  While the there have been improvements on how it functions and tracked, (see the bike usage tracker on the right),  Its interesting to see how many people use cycling as a mode of transportation and its interesting to see how many people continue to use cycling as their mode of transportation.