The Round Tower / Rundetaarn

© Marion Punches modified images using; with original modern Round Tower images © Carrie Punches and 1939 Round Tower image from Manniche, Peter. Denmark a Social Laboratory. G. E. C GAD Publisher and Oxford UP., 1939

Browsing through Denmark a Social Laboratory, I found another familiar site: the Round Tower/ Rundetaarn.  An iconic landmark, it also happened to be situated down the street from where I lived while studying abroad.  Pictured above are the 1939 picture, me on the street in front of the Round Tower, an up close view of the front, and a glimpse inside.  Besides my own personal history with the Round Tower, in modern times its a famous tourist attraction as well as a place to display exhibitions and get a gorgeous view of the city.  In the past it served as an astronomy observatory, commissioned by Christian IV during the 1600s for famous astronomer Tycho Brahe to continue his research (Wonderful Copenhagen).


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