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The intent of this project was to better understand the city of Copenhagen through extensive research and then present that information through an array of digital projects onto my subdomain. I chose to focus on the cultural and environmentally sustainable aspects of Copenhagen and sometimes by extension Denmark. Design-wise I tried to keep the website very clean, minimalistic, and modern, which emulates modern danish design aesthetic and even arguable that of 1960s Denmark. At the top right hand menu, I have listed the important pages so that it is easy to access the Lit Review and Media Review posts, that are necessary for my class.

Aesthetically, I chose a design layout that included a slider in order to add visual interest to my articles and direct viewers towards my featured articles. Along with viewing the posts by Lit Review or Media Review category, I also includes my other posts below the slider with featured pictures in order to give viewers a choice of how they wanted to access the content, be it by category or by picture and excerpt.

Source-wise I use a variety of sources including a book from 1939, a scientific article, my own experience studying abroad there, and a survey I sent out via Facebook to better understand the city and how it is viewed. I then took this information and developed different creative ways to display it on my website. I used Canva to create an info-graphic about biking in Copenhagen, Worditout to create a word cloud showing peoples’ word association with the city, Stereogranimator to make a 1939 and 2017 photo move like an old 3D affect, and PowerPoint to manually piece together a photo of Copenhagen from 1939 and one from when my mom visited me in 2017. I’m still developing the site and have a lot more ideas on how to present more of my research and more digital tools to make things exciting to view but I hope you enjoy viewing my progress thus far.

Photos: © Marion Punches modified images using; with original modern images © Carrie Punches and 1939 image from Manniche, Peter. Denmark a Social Laboratory. G. E. C GAD Publisher and Oxford UP., 1939.

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