About the Survey

The scope of this survey was limited to my friends and friends of friends that I was able to access via Facebook and that were willing to participate. The survey responses were submitted completely anonymously as to allow participants the freedom to more truthfully answer questions without having to worry about me or others judging them for their response.

I am thoroughly excited and proud of the support I received when conducting this survey. I had a lot of friends comment that they had completed the survey and/ or that they were passing it along to their friends. I tried to target people who had been to Copenhagen when letting people know about the survey because as an American, the majority of my friends are Americans who have never been to Copenhagen or Denmark and so their responses to the survey would be limited in gleaning the perceptions I was hoping to better understand. I therefore tagged people I knew had experience with Copenhagen or Denmark and thus could give more informed / experienced thoughts on the matter. I also thought it was important to glean the amount of experience participants had with the city and the country in order to understand what kind of sample I was working with and how this might skew results. In general, I was surprised to see that the people answering this survey seemed to have more experience with Copenhagen and Denmark than I was initially expecting and was glad that this experience could better inform the consensus of these places. This was especially important given that the majority of people I know that have a connection with these places were fellow american study abroad students that I met during my time there and so, I wanted to see to what degree my limited circle would dominate the narrative presented. 32 people answered the 9 question questionnaire I sent out, giving a decent sized group. Of course, this is just a glimpse of how Copenhagen and Denmark is viewed but still very interesting to study. Looking at both visuals, I find it interesting that most individuals self-identified as being very familiar, have lived in Denmark and only moderately familiar, have lived there temporarily in Copenhagen. Overall I am very pleased that for both Copenhagen and Denmark the top two chosen categories for the self-identifying familiarity were that of very familiar and moderately, thus accomplishing my aspirations for more of an insider’s perspective of these places with a bit of outsider perspective for reference. 

*This survey was made using surveymonkey.com

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