Copenhagen in a Song

This song is the culmination of the songs people said represented Copenhagen to them.  They have been merged and altered in Audacity to give listeners an auditory experience of the city and the different vibes and effects it resonates.

Original Artists and Songs:

theKidzFun –  Bicycle Ride on Road with Bell Sound Effect

Danny Kaye (from Hans Christian Andersen) – Wonderful Copenhagen

Of Monsters and Men – Dirty Paws

Christopher – Copenhagen Girls

Nik og Jay – Jeg Drømte; Boing

Charles Aznavour – La Boheme avec Paroles; Emmenez moi

Love Shop – Copenhagen Dreaming

TopGunn – Krongens Have

Chinah – Away From Me

Kim Larsen – Midt Om Natten

Jain – Makeba

Joey Moe – Miss Copenhagen

Gasolin -Vad gør vi nu lille du

Shit og Chanel – Smuk og Dejlig

ABBA – Dancing Queen

Cage the Elephant – How Are You True

Lukas Graham – 7 Years Old

Ulige Numre – København

Blak – Nede Mette

MorningLightMusic – Upbeat Pop Background Music – Party Time!

Guitare Improvisation – C minor Blues : Backing Track (Jazz/Swing feel)

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