Copenhagen in a Word

I sent out a Survey asking people to identify the first word(s) that came to mind when thinking about the city of Copenhagen.  Their responses make up the word cloud to the left.  Looking leftwards, the size of the words corresponds with the number of times they were mentioned.  Looking at the sizing, we can see an overwhelming number of people associate the city with its bikes.  It should also be mentioned that sustainability and similarly sustainable appear in the cloud.  Other than those specific words, most the word choices were completely stand alone.  While the majority of the words people chose to express Copenhagen were unique, taken as a whole, the word cloud points to overwhelmingly positive views of the city.  Overall it paints Copenhagen as a pleasant and modern city that is easy to navigate.


Any form of bike, biking, bicycle, etc. was altered to simply say “bikes” and the answer nothing was omitted.

The word cloud was created using

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